Christian Hospitality

Our church enjoys Fellowship Lunch "potluck style" each week following each service around 1:00pm. Members and guests are welcome to join, to enjoy vegetarian meal, and to minister and fellowship with one another while continuing to celebrate the Sabbath. One of the goals is to allow our members and guests to avail also of the planned afternoon programs, including the support group activities that follow after the relaxing interacting fellowship meal. Other special events are also celebrated during the fellowship lunch such as birthdays, anniversaries and other expressions of thanksgiving that calls for celebration. Attendees averaging over 200 members and guests each Sabbath (Saturday) requires organization in orderly fashion. So the ministry created seven (6) lunch teams in rotation to sustain the services every Sabbath throughout the year, helping to prepare, serve and putting the place clean when the serving is concluded. Would you like to be involved in this ministry? You can see Amelyn Jordan, our Hospitality Ministry leader. And while you serve, you will definitely learn also some vegetarian cooking.